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GCC: Windsor - Building Better Boards -- Presentations & Recruitment Fair
Thur, April 7 | 5:30pm -7pm EST
Open to the public

Building Better Boards intensive training program is ending with an online board strategy presentation and recruitment fair that is open to the public on April 7, 2022. Individuals and organizations interested in supporting, growing, and sustaining healthy boards of directors in Windsor & region's local arts & culture organizations are invited to attend and learn from and network with program participants. Presentations from Windsor-Essex's arts community include Windsor Symphony OrchestraArtcite IncShō Art Studios, and others. This is an opportunity to develop partnerships, exchange ideas, and potentially get recruited as a board member!

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April 13 | 10 am - 12pm EDT FLEX Spotlight Session: Collaborating with Society
This last spotlight session will cover the ethics of socially-engaged art; effective methodologies for engagement and evaluation; managing change at different scales, from the individual to the systemic; environmental justice, citizen participation, the role of creativity in everyday life, and much more!  Guest speakers from France, UK, and Canada. Participants will also have the option to engage in a networking period at the end of our session with our speakers and with each other!

Birds flying with title and logos of program

March 16 | 10 am - 12pm EDT FLEX Spotlight Session: Collaborating with Artists 
A festival is like an iceberg: the collective experience is the tip, the rest is all the underground work going on year-round to make it happen.
In this second Spotlight, with guests from Manchester Jazz Festival (UK), Queens' Council on the Arts (USA), and Owais Lightwala (Canada) we'll look under the surface to consider year-round collaborations with artists: from outreach & participation projects to talent development programmes, co-productions, commissions, interdisciplinary experimentations, and intersectoral explorations.


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FLEX Spotlight Session: Collaborating with Peers 
Wed, Feb 2 | 10am -12pm EST

Attend WorkInCulture’s FLEX Collaborating with Peers Spotlight Session taking place on Feb 2 at 10am -12pm EST to learn how to collaborate with arts and heritage festivals, make space for conflict amongst peers and grow, maintain and end professional relationships. Learn from inspiring examples of peer-based collaborative frameworks from Canada, Spain, France, and Belgium. Guest speakers include: Clayton Windatt, curator, multi-arts performer and filmmaker, Benoit Geers from NEXT Festival, and Mike Ribalta from FiraTàrrega.



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