Part 1 - Visioning Diversity & Inclusion


Your vision statement should provide inspiration, setting an aspirational goal ultimately achievable within your organization – i.e. the what of your organization. It should be concise and high level, indicate whom it covers, and include strategic goals and priorities. Your mission statement should articulate the why and the how of your strategy.

It’s important that diversity and inclusion be integrated into your organization’s vision and mission statements.



A Vision Statement might include a reference to inclusion such as: “Our organization will provide a supportive and open climate where diversity is valued as being necessary for creativity and innovation.”

For example, Ontario Arts Council’s Vision states in part:

We envision an Ontario where:
• people of all ages and communities experience, feel connected to and value the arts
• the arts reflect the diversity of stories of all of Ontario’s people and communities

Check here for an example of arts-focused commitment to diversity from Toronto International Film Festival, and here is the public statement of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in Toronto which expresses the company’s commitment to values of difference, excellence and community.



Additions to an existing Mission Statement might say that being an inclusive organization will help you to:

  • Represent the community you serve in order to attract and retain top talent.
  • Foster innovation and creativity through encouraging diversity of thought.
  • Increase your social image and reputation in the community.
  • Improve productivity through increased engagement.

Among the methods by which Women in Film and Television carries out its mission, on its website it notes two specifically around diversity and inclusion:

  • "We welcome and value every member at WIFT-T. We welcome women of every race, ethnicity and ability and at every stage of work and life."
  • "We design our programs and activities to meet the needs of women at every stage of their careers."



Women in Film and Television – mission and mandate

Ontario Arts Council -  vision statement

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre – vision and values

Toronto International Film Festival (Link to TIFFDraftDiversityStatementFINALDRAFT ) – commitment to diversity


Dig Deeper

Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit  - good source of templates, resources and toolkits; link takes you specifically to a  toolkit on developing a diversity strategy  which includes examples of diversity focused vision and mission statements

Strategic Planning for Dummies – cheat sheet with Vision and Mission statements

Creating Authentic Spaces – An excellent gender identity and gender expression toolkit from The519, a Toronto-based agency with a program of service, space and tools to build welcoming and inclusive environments. The toolkit looks at issues around barriers, language, prejudice, responsibilities and allies, as well as space and policies.