Venue Technician

Date Posted: Jun 07, 2021
Application Deadline: Jun 28, 2021
Start Date: Jun 21, 2021

Hourly From: $25/hr To $25/hr
Province: Yukon
City: Whitehorse
Employee Benefits: Health, Pension, Other (e.g. flex time, comp tickets, etc.)
Check Additional Info section for more Employee Benefits
Organization's Field/Discipline: The Arts
Job's focus: Creative
Job Type: Full-time
Career Level: Intermediate

Organization Description

Yukon Arts Centre

A non-profit performing arts centre in located in the beautiful Canadian North. With two performance venues, and three galleries, the Yukon Arts Centre is a national leader in presenting cutting-edge works to the Whitehorse community, drawn from local, national, and international artists.

Job Description

1. Summary
The Venue Technician is an integral part of the Yukon Arts Centre production team. The Venue Technician is an omni-tech position and will be expected to have working knowledge of audio/lighting equipment/software, live event audio mixing as well as a working knowledge of stage carpentry. The Yukon Arts Centre supports three venues, The Yukon Arts Centre Mainstage Proscenium Theatre, the Old Fire Hall (Black Box Venue) and The Wharf (outdoor venue).

2. Position History:
This position is an amendment of the Resident Technician position originally created for the April 1, 1997 PSAC Collective Agreement and revised in August 2019.

3. Results to be achieved:
1) Ensure that all audio/lighting equipment is in good working order and that the expectations of the artists and clients are achieved.
2) Ensure that the technical aspects of all productions run smoothly. This may include training and managing rental clients, volunteers and technical crew with little experience.
3) Ensure that clients, staff and volunteers operate safely and in accordance with Yukon Arts Centre policy and procedure guidelines.
4) Ensure effective and timely communications internally among Yukon Arts Centre staff and externally with Yukon Arts Centre clients.
5) Ensure good morale and teamwork among stage crew and volunteers.
6) Ensure that both professional touring artist’s and local artist’s production needs are met or exceeded.
7) Ensure that relations with local arts groups and performers are managed with diplomacy, patience and a lack of complaint.

4. Responsibilities/Duties:
1) In the absence of the Director of Production liaise with clients, presenters or artists to determine technical requirements. Ensure that information is shared among staff as may be required.
2) Prepare for, set-up, manage and operate presentations as may be required.
3) Facilitate the effective use of theatre’s technical systems to maximize the quality of any presentation.
4) Maintain and operate sound (primarily) and lighting, rigging and other theatrical equipment as may be required.
5) Supervise and/or Train casual crew/volunteers and the emerging technician, as assigned.
6) Ensure that all production related paperwork is completed in a timely fashion including show reports, time sheets etc.
7) Maintain the stage, shop and related areas in clean and safe condition.
8) In consultation with the Director of Production, plan and execute equipment and systems maintenance. Advise the Director of Production on Capital or Major Maintenance requirements.
9) Foresee and avert potentially dangerous situations.
10) All Yukon Arts Centre employees shall be aware of and respect YACC’s Policies including the Respectful Workplace and Health, Safety and Wellness Policies and the Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations published by the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board.
11) Support the coordination, training and organizing of technical volunteers.

5. Reports to: Director of Production

6. Supervision of staff
Casual Technicians
Casual Venue Technicians. Provides input regarding casual venue technician employee performance to the Director of Production. The Director of Production has the final authority when recruiting staff, sets the direction for training and completes the written employee performance evaluations.

7. Supervision of Budget

8. Working Conditions: Work is completed in a professional theatre environment and multi-purpose venue (Old Fire Hall). The work is physical and involves the following hazards:
• Lifting and handling loads
• Slipping/tripping hazards
• Working at heights
• Electrical Safety
• Excessive noise
• Stress/Fatigue
• Working with Small Tools
• Repetitive work
• Chemical hazards (depending on show requirements)
• Working alone

9. Mental Demands/Independent Judgement/ Problem Solving: This position follows pre-existing health and safety guidelines, policies, and procedures and assists with orientation and training with casual staff and clients. This position deals with challenging clients, tight timelines, and making sure that all safety precautions are followed. Serious safety issues are deferred to the Director of Production for action.


1) Education/Experience:
Graduation from a recognized theatre technical programme (college or university) or three (3) to five (5) years experience.
An equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience may be considered.

2) Knowledge:
a) Knowledge of current audio/lighting equipment/software and live event audio mixing
b) Knowledge of stage rigging for the theatre
c) Knowledge of theatre production protocols
d) Basic carpentry and electrical training

3) Skills:
a) Competent, self sufficient audio mixing and operation
b) Basic lighting installation, design
c) Basic operation and management of stage elements
d) Basic scenic shop skills
e) Good time management and the ability to schedule others
f) Basic production administration
g) Supervision of stage crew
h) Production planning and scheduling
i) Effective verbal and written communication

4 Abilities:
a) Ability to self motivate and to inspire others
b) Ability to work well with other technical staff and Yukon Arts Centre Staff
c) Ability to share knowledge, teach and in turn learn
d) Ability to work efficiently under stress
e) Ability to adapt to a variety of client or artist demands
f) Ability to analyse technical problems and offer effective solutions
g) Ability to operate in a multi-cultural environment
h) Ability to work effectively with non-professional volunteers

Additional Info:

Subject to the Collective Agreement, this appointment is governed by the YACC’s employment policies for staff, which may be amended from time-to-time. If there is a conflict between the YACC policy and the Collective Agreement, the Collective Agreement shall apply.

Position: Venue Technician

Rate of Pay: $24.12/hour during six-month probation period, increasing to $25.10/hour upon completion of a successful probationary period.

Benefits: As per Collective Agreement, full benefits & employer RRSP contribution.

Hours of Work: As required for events averaged to 40 hours per week.

How to Apply:

Submit resumes to Josh Jansen at

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