Account Manager

Date Posted: Dec 20, 2019
Application Deadline: Jan 15, 2020
Start Date: Dec 20, 2019

Salary From: 50K To 70K
Province: Yukon
City: Whitehorse
Employee Benefits: Health
Organization's Field/Discipline: Business
Job's focus: Creative & Administrative
Job Type: Full-time
Career Level: Middle management

Organization Description

Aasman Brand Communications
Aasman Brand Communications
Aasman (AAS) is a full-service brand communications agency providing integrated communications solutions of all kinds to our clients, from brand clarification to identity systems, media planning, developing and producing advertising campaigns, marketing and communication materials, display materials and web design and development.
Our in-house services encompass the full range of agency activities, including strategic planning, project management, media planning and placement, creative development, content generation, production, impact measurement and analysis. We work with free-lance writers, photographers and other content providers on an as-needed basis. On larger projects, we partner with market research consultants and member agencies of our Trans-Canada Advertising Agency Network.

Job Description

As an account manager at aasman brand communications, you will play a senior team role in developing client business, relationships and profitable outcomes for the company. The job is equal parts challenging and rewarding. We’re looking for someone who is …
Curious. You should be deeply interested in the always-changing world of marketing and communication, and equally interested in your clients’ environments and goals. Then be able to connect your expertise and your clients’ needs to deliver results on every project.
A communicator. The key to success in this job is to communicate effectively and to communicate regularly. You’re the person who will keep multiple clients and aasman team members on the same page until project completion. If you’re shy about picking up the phone to clarify a question, this may not be the job for you.
Affable. Everyone will be spending a lot of time with you – clients and fellow staff alike – so it’s a bonus if you’re a nice person to be around.
Every new staff member changes the dynamic of our company, and we like it that way. We look forward to what you will bring to the aasman team.  
Key Responsibilities
Acts as the primary liaison between multiple clients and AAS which involves:
  • developing a strong understanding of the clients’ environment, business purpose and services as it relates to communications and marketing needs, so as to converse with the client in a credible way;
  • interviewing clients and clearly identifying their needs and requirements and determining and defining customer specific project needs (needs assessment) including target audience, tactical plans, timelines, budget, etc.;
  • researching needed information on the client, their business or project as required by the creative team or by the Account Manager to properly prepare a project brief;
  • writing and preparing a project brief where none is provided by the client–an outline of the details about the client and the project in terms of client expectations and objectives; where one (or a statement of work) is provided by the client, preparing a summary and edit following a meeting with the client on the project;
  • working within the AAS project team to develop solutions which will meet client needs;   present the creative brief;
  • contributing, planning, and developing planning details with the project team plan: involves writing clear specifications, item / product / service cost estimates; working team to produce schedules, product specifications, distribution plans, media strategies, etc. on all aspects and stages of products and services required for the project; comparing these against previous cost estimates, and preparing written formal estimates for AAS internal and client approval;
  • providing active client contact on each project to keep the client updated, and to pro-actively anticipate and support customer needs while ensuring control of the project budget and timetable;
  • delivering active account management in terms of follow-up on all services/projects to pro-actively anticipate customer short and longer-term needs.
  • Soliciting client feedback on an ongoing basis, to develop and maintain an understanding of the client’s perception of AAS services and to focus on creating and shaping realistic needs and expectations of those services.
  • Liaising with all present and prospective clients to improve and build upon the quality of understanding between the company and its clients, and to strengthen the company’s business presence and contacts in the market place.
  • Working closely with other AAS staff and teams to share account experience and relevant knowledge of individual clients, to ensure the consistent delivery of quality services offered to all clients. 



  • Strong knowledge of communications methods and techniques including marketing, advertising and public relations
  • Marketing skills to promote AAS brand and services
  • Knowledge of project management process and practices
  • Knowledge of planning methods and techniques
  • Knowledge of general office practices and procedures
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills
  • Strong networking skills
  • Strong project management skills 
  • Knowledge and Experience with Google AdWords
  • Familiarity with CMS platforms such as Wordpress
  • Experience in marketing automation software and workflow building
  • Fluent in English and French
  • Understanding of SEO

How to Apply:

Send an email with “Account Manager” in the subject line, with a cover letter and resume to


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