How much does a job posting cost?

When will my post go online?
Your job post will go online immediately if you have selected today's date. If you have chosen for the posting to be active starting at a later date it will be online starting the date you have chosen. Once you have completed the posting process, you won’t need to sign back in to post it on the desired date.

How long will my post stay active?
The maximum amount of time a regular post can be online is 90 days. If you would like your post to be active for a shorter amount of time, simply select the dates you would like your post to be active for using the Post Job From and Post Job To calendars. Don't forget to click on the Select button in each calendar window. 

How does the Featured Listing work?
If you choose to purchase a featured post, your post will appear at the very top of each JobBoard page and move down to the regular section once the days you selected for your featured post are over. Therefore, if you posted on the Featured Listing on January 1 for 7 days then on January 8 your post will move down to the regular section. It will stay in the regular section depending on what you selected in the Post Job From and Post Job To section. Please contact or call 416-340-0086 to extend a Featured Listing or to add a regular post to the Featured Listing. Extra charges will apply.

Can I post for a volunteer position?
Yes, you are welcome to post for volunteer positions on the DiscoveryBoard not on the JobBoard. The rate for posting on the DiscoveryBoard is $30 +HST.

Can I edit my post once it is posted on the JobBoard?
Yes. You can sign in to your account at any time to edit and update the content of your post as necessary. All changes will be active immediately online.  However, you cannot move your regular post to the Featured Listing section through the Edit job post form. You must contact our offices to do so. Extra charges apply.

What if I don’t remember my password?
Simply click on “Forgotten Password?” under the Log In button and follow the prompts to reset your password. There is a hyperlink address available in the message you receive. If it does not work when you click on it, please copy the address and paste it in your web browser.

Can I remove my post earlier than the date I initially set it for?
Yes, you can change the dates for your post to be active or inactive at any time.

Can I access and re-post a post that has expired?
All of your posts are saved in your account unless you delete it. You can access old posts at any time, and modify and re-post them as necessary. However, please note that a new charge will apply each time you re-post.

I am not an arts, culture, or heritage organization, but I am hiring for a creative position (i.e.: marketing, design, writing, editing, etc.)  – can I still post on the job board?
Absolutely! We have thousands of talented job seekers from a wide range of disciplines and sectors who use our Job Board.

What are some best practices for writing a job post?
Visit our FYI page to review our tips:
Tip 1 on salary ranges
Tip 2 on highlighted sections
Tip 3 on job benefits
Tip 4 on career levels
Tip 5 on job types
Tip 6 on location/work place
Tip 7 on how to apply section

Please note: that the available position that you are posting for must comply with the rules and regulations of the Employment Standards Act.

Please tell us a bit about your organization. This information is required before you can post to our job or course board.



E-TRANSFER PAYMENTS: Please send e-transfers to before 5pm otherwise your posting will be removed.