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If you’ve ever used WorkInCulture’s Job Board to find talent, you know is an effective place to recruit creative professionals.  We have over half a million pageviews every month, by almost 50,000 unique users.

But if you’re looking to get the most out of your job posting, like most things in life, timing is everything.

This graphic gives you an idea when the best times to post are, the bigger the circle, the more people are viewing the site that day.

Want to dig a little deeper?
Monday is when you will get the most eyes on your posting, but aim to get it up Sunday night, or very early Monday, as the highest number of people check in between 9am – 11am.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are pretty consistent with engagement between 10am - 3pm, but there are about half the total number of people viewing as compared to Monday.

Friday has the lowest amount of engagement of any day of the week.

Weeknights at roughly 8pm until about 10pm there is a spike in page views, so if you’ve forgotten to put up a posting that day, don’t fret, you’ll get a bump from everyone as long as you get it on there by 7!

Saturday, users check in with the Job Board in the morning, but slowly the numbers dwindle as the evening wears on; on Sunday, things start with a trickle at 10am, but turn into a torrent by 9pm or 10pm.

Keep these times in mind when you're making a posting, and you'll be sure to reach the widest audience of potential candidates.


Andrew Sutherland

Marketing Coordinator



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