Decoding The Job Post: the Benefits of Benefits!

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Have no doubts - a job’s benefits say a lot about the organization. After all, it is a glimpse into the organization’s soul – or rather culture and values. By indicating that you provide health insurance, pension, and or “other” you are showing that you care about your employees. Even if you don’t have the capacity to provide health insurance or pension (as many arts organizations don’t)– mention something about the benefits you provide anyway. Think about what makes your organization a fun, caring, healthy, and exciting place to work at. This is the section where you can show that your organization takes health and wellness seriously and can think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to be creative – we do work in the arts and culture sector, don’t we? 

Given that most of us have been working from home -- taking naps at lunch, having cuddle times with our pets/kids/partner/pillows during breaks, and wearing our pajamas -- organizations need to start thinking seriously about how to make offices feel more comfortable once people are expected to go back under fluorescent lights. Consider mentioning in the job post details about the office environment/décor and location. Does the office have lots of plants? Are there big windows with sunlight? Is it located in a nice neighborhood with a park? Are you close to public transportation? What’s the air quality like?

Lastly, if the salary for the position is low, and you’ve listed many hefty responsibilities and qualifications, you better include some benefits!

Here are some examples:
Flex time
Remote work days
Time-off in lieu
Extra holidays
3 weeks paid holidays
Mental health days
Achievement acknowledgment days
Bring your pet/child to work days
Childcare facilities
Pet friendly office
Professional development opportunities
Free tickets to events
Free parking space
Yoga in the office
A gym membership
Ping pong tables
Museum membership
Association membership
Transportation reimbursement
Lunch/snacks paid
Birthday cake or birthdays off
Volunteering opportunities
X number of social outings/year
Halloween costume prizes
A Christmas party at Drake’s Bridle Path house!

You get the picture.


If the salary is low, the number of responsibilities and qualifications are high, and there are no benefits listed, ask yourself honestly – will this position make me happy and help me reach my professional goals while maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Remember, as an arts worker you contribute to the economic and social well-being of our communities – and in return you deserve to be healthy and happy!

Job Post Tips
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