Welcoming New WIC Board Members

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Image of Zainub Verjee

For the next few weeks we will be sharing with you some interesting information about our latest board member appointees. This week we would like to introduce you to Zainub Verjee.

Zainub Verjee is an artist, curator, writer, senior arts administrator and public intellectual. As an accomplished and influential leader in the art and culture sector, over four decades, she has shaped culture policy at all levels of governments and significantly contributed to building of cultural institutions and organizations in Canada and internationally. Often invited to speak nationally and internationally, on cultural policy, contemporary art and cultural diplomacy, she has been a prolific writer on issues pertaining to Art and Culture. 
Her artwork has been shown internationally, including at the New York’s Museum of Modern Art, the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art and the Venice Biennale.    

We asked Zainub a few questions, here's what she had to say:

Why did you decide to serve on our board?
Circumspect of the importance of labour training in Culture Sector and my continued advocacy for building the next generation leadership in the sector defines my alignment with the WIC’s Mandate & Mission. Being on the Board offers me an opportunity to contribute to the work WIC.

What do you enjoy the most about contributing to the cultural sector?
Given my four-decades in the sector, mentoring is the most satisfying contribution to the sector.

What is an interesting or fun project that you’re currently working on?
Currently engaged in an interesting project that will build capacity for use of new digital technology such as Augmented Reality for Visual Arts sector.

What’s your favourite cultural activity and why? Or what cultural activity do you like to participate in most often?
Among many, organizing community and building alliances around issues that are vital to the culture sector often becomes a major occupation beyond the regular call of duty!

Stay tuned for next week to learn about Mike Rudolph, HR Business Partner at MaRS Discovery District!

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Welcome to Work in Culture! I'm sure you uys we'll have a great time at this company! Good luck!
2021-09-16 9:36:12 AM
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Thanks for sharing the new board members of Work In Culture! Zainub is definitely a perfect fit for your company. THanks for sharing!
2021-08-18 10:00:17 AM
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Très informatif, je vais certainement venir lire vos articles plus souvent :)
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You're always great at sharing things like this! Thank you for sharing this!
2021-07-24 2:07:16 AM
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New members are always great! more so if their this talented and experience. You are sure to be an sset to WIC. Congratulations!
2021-07-17 6:53:41 AM
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Congratulations and welcome.
2021-06-22 9:15:00 PM
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Zainub is a great person just basing off from her interview and story. I like how you guys hire with diversity and work quality in mind. Great share!
2021-06-22 6:43:29 AM
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Great! Thank you for sharing this lovely news. I'll also join in and welcome every new team member of WIC. Thanks for sharing this guys!
2021-06-11 6:22:51 AM
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Great introduction to the new Work In Culture board members. I love companies that do this!
2021-06-02 7:00:51 AM
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I wanna learn more
2021-05-29 11:31:58 PM
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Her advocacy for prepping and building the leadership skills of the next generation seems legit. Good luck on your future projects! Thanks for sharing this news!
2021-05-17 5:55:32 AM
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A great person with excellent experience both in the government and the private sector. She's definitely a winner to have in your team. Congrats Zainub!
2021-05-14 2:17:32 AM
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Wow! 4 decades in the arts and culture sectors. Zainub must have experienced a lot of things and overcome various problems. She'll definitely be a big help for Work In Culture. Thanks for the share
2021-05-13 7:39:41 AM
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Seems like Zainub has a lot of experience in working with the arts and other related fields. I'm sure you'll do fine with work on the culture board. Thanks for sharing this!
2021-05-03 8:31:32 AM
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Adding someone very experience in arts and curations is a big boost for the Work In Culture team, Keep up the good work!
2021-04-08 6:08:20 AM
Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep blogging.
2021-04-07 7:56:29 AM
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A great addition to the team that also is an expert in work, arts, and the culture itself. A perfect complement to the work in a culture team. Congratulations!
2021-04-06 7:05:39 AM
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Wow congrats to the new member. Keep it up!
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Congrats on your new board member, I have faith that she will do well!
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