Introducing WIC Board Member, Mike Rudolph

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Mike Rudolph WIC Board Member photoMike Rudolph is an HR Business Partner at MaRS Discovery District where he provides human resources consulting support to several business units within the organization. This support includes: full-cycle recruitment, employee relations, performance management and compensation design. Prior to his position at MaRS, Mike was the Human Resources Manager for the Toronto International Film Festival.

Mike has a degree in English Literature from Concordia University and holds the Certified Human Resources Professional designation. He currently serves a member of the HR Committee for the Inside Out Film Festival.

We asked Mike a few questions, here's what he had to say:

Why did you decide to serve on our board?
I have been very familiar with WIC over the past few years and I feel very strongly about helping contribute to the artistic community in Ontario.

What do you enjoy the most about contributing to the cultural sector?
I grew up in an artistic family and I know the importance of having the arts in your life. I enjoy knowing that the small contributions that I can make to the sector could ultimately have an effect on proliferating the arts in other people's lives.

What is an interesting or fun project that you’re currently working on?
I am currently teaching a couple of classes in human resources for a program through the York Region Arts Council called Artrepreneur. It is a program that works with people who want to start their own creative businesses or organizations.

What’s your favourite cultural activity and why? Or what cultural activity do you like to participate in most often? 
I've always had a passion for film and I frequent film festivals and screenings throughout the city. I'm also a fan of live theatre so I try and attend musicals and plays whenever I can. 

Next week, we'll be introducing you to our third newly appointed board member, Erin Finlay. Stay tuned!

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This is an absolute blast! I'm sure Mike would make a great Board member at WIC. Thanks!!
2021-07-24 2:06:00 AM
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Thanks for sharing this! This is what I love about Work In culture, their transparency. Great interview BTW. Thanks!
2021-07-17 6:52:57 AM
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Welcome aboard.
2021-06-22 9:14:13 PM
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What a wonderful and lovely guy Mike Rudolph is. I'm sure he'll be a perfect fit for WIC. Thanks for sharing!
2021-06-21 8:17:08 AM
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Seeing Mike interview, I immediately know that he would be a great board member at Work in Culture. Thanks for sharing this!
2021-06-10 9:17:32 AM
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Thanks for being so transparent about your recent hires. Everyone is so great and talented. Thanks for being sharing this!
2021-06-07 10:08:16 AM
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Woah! Great experience and a desire to help others. Mike Rudolph seems like a perfect fit for Work In Culture. Good luck!
2021-06-02 6:54:27 AM
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We need those. :)
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I've alos one day wanted to hlep with the projects of Wor In Culture! I really believe in your company's vision for young professionals out there, same with Mike! I'm sure he'll do just fine!
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Mike has great skills, background, and experience. I'm sure he'll bring a lot of things to The Work In Culture Board. Thanks for sharing this great news!
2021-05-13 7:33:51 AM
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Welcome to the team Rudolph! I'm sure you'll bring in a lot of great ideas to the work in culture team. Great to have you here!
2021-05-03 8:29:54 AM
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Based on his answers on the interview, Mike seems like a great person! Definitely an asset to the Work In Culture Team. Congrats!
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A great addition to the team keep up the good work guys. Good luck with your future with Work in Culture Mike. Welcome to the site!
2021-04-08 6:03:02 AM
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With a great and experienced HR partner like Mike, I think that work in culture team is about to get bigger. Good luck in the future!
2021-04-06 6:48:44 AM
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