Investing in ourselves

Posted: 2016-12-22 10:05:05 AM by WorkInCulture editor | with 7 comments

The start of a new year is a good time for taking stock and committing to doing some of those things you have been intending to do for a while. For me, that often means figuring out something I want to learn or get better at. After all, if we don’t invest in strengthening our own skills, who will? And when I say invest, I don’t necessarily mean money. Making a commitment to taking the time is even more important.

Myself, I like face-to-face courses and workshops because I like the extra benefit of meeting new people but, if I just want to learn ‘how to’, I like online (love being able to learn while wearing my pajamas!). There are tons of free webinars and videos offered online including those offered by WorkInCulture.

For example, if you want to strengthen some of your foundational business skills, put these dates in your calendar right now (remember it is an investment in YOU) - March 2, 9, 16, 23, & 30, 2017 from 12 to 1:15pm EST. Those are the dates of our latest series of Biz Smarts webinar. They are free - but you do need to spend the time.

Writing this has convinced me to sign up for the art class I have been thinking about – so stop reading this and go do something for yourself!

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Investing on your own skills is of paramount importance nowadays, especially when a lot of skills can be learn easily online, and jobs are getting the work from home treatment. Keep on grinding everyone
2021-05-14 2:48:04 AM
Tree Cutting
Investing in yourself doesn't just mean your skills or work. You also need to invest in your mental well-being and happiness to truly achieve your goals. Keep on grinding!
2021-05-13 7:43:18 AM
Commercial Roofing
It's a great investment to learn new skills and talent, but it's also important to invest in your mental health. Don't ever forget that young professionals out there!
2021-05-06 1:38:37 AM
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In anything you do, investing on yourself or talent is very important. Thanks for sharing this article
2021-05-05 9:22:41 AM
Septic Repairs
It's great to invest in one's skill and talent, this allows you to reach your full potential and explore other things. Thanks for the write-up!
2021-05-03 8:57:25 AM
Septic Repairs
It's great to invest in one's skill and talent, this allows you to reach your full potential and explore other things. Thanks for the write-up!
2021-05-03 8:54:37 AM
investing in yourself is always the best investment :)
2021-02-18 2:58:01 AM
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