WorkInCulture’s Crash Courses – Business Skills Short-cuts for the Cultural Workforce

Posted: 11/12/2012 10:53:20 AM by WorkInCulture editor | with 1 comments

Thanks for welcoming Marketing: It’s Just Another Conversation, the first of WorkInCulture’s new e-learning Crash Courses.

We’ll be creating a suite of them over time – short and focused introductory courses to the business skills common to all art forms. According to our statistics, self-employment is the norm if you work in culture. We are creative entrepreneurs and we need the business skills to sustain that career choice.

If you are a new graduate or just beginning your career, the crash courses will give you essential business concepts relevant to your situation; they’ll get you off on the right foot. If you’ve been working for a while, they can act as a refresher or provide a framework for what you have learned through hard-won experience.

We created them keeping in mind the situation of people working in our community. They’re online and completely self-directed, so you won’t need a teacher or monitor to take you through them. As busy working professionals juggling multiple commitments, you can access them any time that’s convenient.

Most of us working in culture are trained in our art forms, but not in business skills and language. So the crash courses offer anecdotes directly from the creative community.  Look for the icon that tells you about “Real Life Examples”. We’ll show you common business equivalents through a series of “Jargon Alerts!” that demystify business language.

Each course is designed with a practical plan as an outcome so you can apply it immediately to your work and continue your learning.

After your initial payment, you will have perpetual access. You can keep returning to review and deepen your ideas as you implement your plans.

Why are we starting with marketing? Our own research, confirmed in The Skills Check-In (February 2012), shows that cultural workers find this the biggest gap in their training. Over and over again, you said that Marketing and Sales are the biggest challenge. As one artist put it inThe Skills Check-In, “ We all know how to make our stuff. What we don’t know is how to sell it. That applies from manufacturing widgets to oil paintings.” 

Over time, the crash courses should provide practical ways to fill the gaps in our training so we have up-to-date skills for a long and productive career.

We welcome any and all feedback about the courses. Tell us how we can change or improve the courses now and what you would like in the future.

Your thoughts?

Susan Cohen
WorkInCulture Program Director

Nkem Egwuenu
I'm so glad I discovered this website. I'd love to take these courses.
22/04/2014 5:20:40 PM
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