Making Improvements, Shaking Things Up!

Posted: 2018-08-21 8:41:33 AM by WorkInCulture editor | with 0 comments

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Written by Mona Afshari
For any business, organization, let alone individual - making improvements is vital to keeping up with the times and encouraging growth. This could be bringing in new office equipment/technology or developing a new skill or even buying new outfits for the school year or a new position. Most of us see September as the month to start afresh, to launch something, begin a new project, or to take up a new class or start a new job. And although summer is winding down and work is ramping up, we’re excited about the upcoming WorkInCulture year and want to share some new initiatives with you.

This coming September you’ll notice a few improvements that we’ve been working on. To better communicate content, whether that be information on our programming, Job Board, or the sector, we are refining our branding and website.

Given the feedback we received this past year, we thought it was time to shake things up! For example, we have improved Job Board usability by introducing several new features. To help job seekers find positions that they are interested in and qualified for, all job posts will include additional information like salary ranges and employee benefits. These new required fields are designed to help increase applications from qualified candidates as well as help contribute to building fairer workplaces. Our intention is to satisfy both job seekers and job posters. Posters may also be pleased to find that we have refined the dashboard so that it is easier to post, edit, and review posts in addition to downloading invoices with the click of a clearly labeled button. Moreover, we are getting with the times, by removing the pay by cheque option and adding a pay by E-transfer option. Other changes that we’ve made to the WorkInCulture website are included below:
  • Job post fee $125 + HST
  • Course Board will become the DiscoveryBoard – posts fee $30 + HST
  • DiscoveryBoard will include posts on professional development opportunities across Canada like workshops, events, call-for-submissions, volunteer opportunities, etc.
  • Blog section will be called FYI and will include important information about WorkInCulture and the sector
  • Like the main WorkInCulture brand, all sub-brands (e.g. DiscoveryBoard) will be spelled as one word no spaces, with capitalizations for each word
  • A new layout for the homepage
  • A new look with new colours and fonts
  • A new WorkInCulture logo!
  • The addition of WorkInCulture sub-brands: CreativeBoost, WorkSmarts, WICMentorship, the WorkInCulture Bob Johnston Award, MakingItWork, JobBoard, and DiscoveryBoard
Thank you to everyone who has helped with comments and inputs on how to make things better. Stay tuned to learn more next month about our sub-brands.

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