Introducing the WorkInCulture MakingItWork survey!

Posted: 2018-08-13 1:49:38 PM by WorkInCulture editor | with 28 comments

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WorkInCulture, working with Nordicity, has introduced the MakingItWork survey – an in-depth look at the experiences of cultural workers, artists, and organizations in Ontario’s arts, culture, heritage and library sectors.
With MakingItWork, WorkInCulture is trying to get to the heart of what’s it’s really like to work in this sector. Whether you’re an artist, a worker at a cultural organization, a cultural organization, a library, a museum or a cultural industry company, we want to hear about opportunities and challenges that you face when dealing with topics like career growth, skills, training, hiring & retention, as well as diversity & equity.
The survey is available in both English and French, and the survey should take less than 20 minutes to complete.
By participating in MakingItWork and sharing your story, you are helping WorkInCulture collect the data that will help build better programming and supports for you and the sector. Also, you will have the opportunity to enter into a draw to win a pair of tickets to the Creative Works Conference in Toronto on May 10, 2019.

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Canadian workplace culture expects you to be good at speaking, listening and socializing with other people; to know the etiquette of working harmoniously with co-workers, colleagues and supervisors; and to understand a good range of cross cultural differences in the workplace. There are resources which could help you in addressing the above issues in practical and knowledgeable ways. - working centre
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