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Written by Yomi John

Motivation drives productivity, but vision is what attracts people to work in the arts. This was my take away from Culture Workers Unwind, the second installation of Hot Docs’ new discussion series. The very idea that colleagues from the same sector are given a casual space to come together, is itself a motivation booster. And for emerging professionals like myself, hearing about the journey of senior management folks, is great for learning what we can use for success.

It was great to be able to compare the career paths of these leaders. At WorkInCulture, we’re conscious of the zig zag pacing that comes with choosing a career in the arts, and also know there are others who will instantly find themselves in great roles. From the panel’s experiences it is very clear that trying every-and-anything to achieve goals and getting the job done is a great motto to stand by, and we can’t agree more.

Another key point I took away was that most people tend to produce their best work when they’re allowed project ownership. The panel also agreed that great leadership is sharing kudos and not feeling competitive about the people you work with. Give your staff the support and motivation they need and ‘they’ll make you look good,’ joked moderator, Chris McDonald. Yes, to all of this. I get so much satisfaction from the challenge of completing a project. I also believe that everyone’s accomplishments should be acknowledged, since it’s very easy to identify the short falls rather than great outcomes.

What Hot Docs is doing with Culture Workers Unwind is refreshing. For the next event in August, I look forward to learning other best practices, and another round of drinks and networking. As Michael Mori said, ‘the entire world is your network.’ So I encourage you to come out next month, listen, have a drink, and most importantly, connect with someone while you’re there. They could change your whole experience.


This panel featured: Ana Serrano, Chief Digital Officer, Canadian Film Centre; Michael Mori, Artistic Director, Tapestry Opera, Tessa Bulham, Director of Development Services, AGO, and Chris McDonald President, Hot Docs, as moderator

Next event is… Tuesday, August 30 | 4:00 PM |Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

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