"Stories by Arts & Cultural Workers"

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In March of 2016 we partnered with 12 companies to provide graduates with job training work placements. Since the work terms are coming to a close, we asked the graduates to tell us about their experience. 

Here is Briana Morley's Story from Working at Paper Bag Records:

The music industry has a lot of moving parts. In truth, when I started my placement at Paper Bag Records I wasn’t entirely sure what the day-to-day at a music label would entail. I was in the process of finishing my Master’s degree in Popular Music and Culture at University of Western Ontario at the time and had experience working as a music grant writer, but the label side of the industry was a completely new territory.

As I entered this great unknown, I quickly learned that the role of ‘Label Administrator’ would encompass much more than ‘traditional’ administrative tasks. I’ve been able to help with marketing campaigns, assist in the meticulous process of vinyl production, maintain digital retail platforms, learn bookkeeping practices and expand my knowledge of the Canadian grants system. Most recently, I have started taking on publishing responsibilities—a role I’m excited to grow into here as I continue my employment with Paper Bag Records. In the past nine months, I have had the opportunity to see many great Canadian artists perform live, connect with people working in all different areas of the industry and participate in album campaigns from announce to release. Each day at Paper Bag Records offers diverse and meaningful work. Learning to balance these many moving parts has been an invaluable lesson learned through this placement—one that will surely serve me in many aspects of my life.

Paper Bag Records is a label that truly values artistic integrity and taking chances on music that pushes creative boundaries. As a label, they demonstrate just how varied and dynamic the Canadian music scene is: from experimental electronic composers (Tim Hecker), to alternative country bands (Elliott BROOD), art-rock bands (Yamantaka//Sonic Titan), indie rock bands (Born Ruffians), neo-classical instrumental artists (Sarah Neufeld) or psych crooners (Young Rival). Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of this placement has been helping these talented Canadian artists connect with fans across the world.

My experience at Paper Bag Records has been invaluable in learning the intricacies of the Canadian music industry. Working as part of a close knit team, I have been afforded opportunities to learn and grow within this field through hands-on mentorship. The passion and creative energy exhibited by this team has only further spurred my desire to work in the Canadian music industry, helping with the production and promotion of great Canadian music.

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