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As arts and heritage festivals move beyond crisis management and enforced isolation, cancellations, and closures, strategic collaborations will be crucial in their ability to adapt, recover, and prosper post-pandemic.

WorkInCulture, working closely with a topic specialist and regional delivery partners, will develop and pilot a virtual training intensive focused on providing the skills and knowledge required to form and implement effective collaborations among arts and heritage festivals, located in Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, and Sudbury. The project objective is to provide arts and heritage festivals broadly with the tools, expertise and processes to create and implement a collaboration strategy that has both measurable short term performance indicators (for the purpose of piloting the program and immediate post-COVID response) and long-term goals (which will be revisited post-program delivery).

Currently, WorkInCulture is providing a needs assessment survey to capture the opinions and comments of non-profit arts & heritage festival representatives (e.g. staff or volunteers) who are involved with, or have influence over collaborations and/or post-COVID recovery related tasks within their organization. This survey will help us develop the curriculum for this program.

Let us know what tools, expertise, and processes you think will help your arts & heritage festival implement a collaboration strategy:


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Ontario Culture Days – Advisory Committee
City of Toronto Economic Development and Culture Division – Advisory Committee
Economic Development, Tourism and Culture - City of Greater Sudbury​ – Advisory Committee and Delivery Partner
Ottawa Festival Network – Advisory Committee and Delivery Partner
Kingston Arts Council – Advisory Committee and Delivery Partner

Curriculum Consultant and Facilitator: Fanny Martin

Profile photo of Fanny with bangs and long hair and greenery in the backgroundFanny is an international creative producer & facilitator specialised in festivals, networks, interdisciplinary projects and art in public space. Born and educated in France, she developed an eclectic freelance project portfolio in the UK before moving to Canada and founding Art of Festivals, a creative company that designs transformative events to spark change and enchant everyday life. In collaboration with artists, educators, researchers, technologists and activists, her work focuses on producing memorable shared experiences, shaping change strategies, experimenting with participatory frameworks and designing learning & evaluation programmes.


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Funded by the Government of Canada.