Feisty Freelancer Shortcut to Writing

Discovery Category: Training (e.g. workshops, courses, etc.)
Start Date: Jul 19, 2022
End Date: Sep 12, 2022
Format: Online
Cost: $597
Provider: Feisty Freelancer
WebSite Address: www.feistyfreelancer.com


Are you ready to get real about freelance writing and move from thinking to action? Check out the new Feisty Freelancer Shortcut to Writing Course! 

Answer all your burning questions about how to start pitching, set up a business, and sell your first freelance piece, all while creating that piece with the support of experienced mentor and 20+ year freelancer Suzanne Bowness of CodeWord Communications plus a new group of writer friends. This eight-week course happens on Zoom and Slack, and includes a month of follow up as you complete your dream assignment and get ready to pitch.

Weekly classes start the second week of September, run for 8 weeks on Zoom and Slack (plus 4 weeks of followup as you pitch your assignment). Early bird discount until August 15!

How to Register:

Visit https://feistyfreelancer.com/course/intro-freelance/

Contact Info:

Email: feistyfreelancer@gmail.com