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CreativeBoost Countdown to Business

Date: September, 2018 - Present
Presenter: Snjezana Pruginic
This is a one-day workshop for artists/creatives who are thinking about starting a creative business. Attendees explore the feasibility of their existing creative business idea through basic business and creative techniques that will help shape the business plan. Through interactive, reflective, and writing activities that correlate with a workbook, participants get to step into the business mind frame and leave with the key components of their business more clearly defined.

Starting a Creative Business

Date: October 6, 2017 – June, 2018
Presenter: Snjezana Pruginic
Partners: 20+ partners across Ontario
This one-day workshop provided the basic tools of creating, developing and putting together a solid creative business idea while beginning the process of constructing the accompanying business plan. Through interactive, reflective activities the participants got to step into the business mind frame and leave with the structure of their business more clearly defined.

"Excellent day, went by too quickly!"
"Applicable to various people and circumstances."
"Workshop has helped me understand my next steps to starting my business."
"I loved the approach to starting a creative business, less dry and more digestable."

Starting a Creative Business Pilot

Date: Thursday, May 25, 2017
Presenter: Snjezana Pruginic-Delgado
Partner: Thunder Bay Art Gallery

This pilot workshop covered key areas such as business planning, finance, human resources, marketing and branding, and engaged participants in a hands-on activity.
Regardless of the scale of each participant’s creative vision and business idea, this workshop helped participants get started on their business.

"I liked focusing on my business - it helped clarify my idea and my course of action to take it to the next steps."
"Great exposure to building ideas/resources."
"Helped me think outside the box!"