We have curated a list of the most valuable websites and organizations that are related to business and the arts and culture communities. If you know a site you think would add value to the community, feel free to submit your suggestion at info@workinculture.ca.

The Creative Trust Blog

Helpful resources and tips on a variety of subjects  including fundraising, capital projects, management, etc. from Jini Stolk.

Young Associates

Tips, links, resources and Professional Development opportunities, focussed on finances in the arts from Heather Young and Young Associates.

Hill Strategies Research Inc.

Canadian site with free information on cultural research topics. Includes original and international research.

Imagine Canada - John Hodgson Library

Collection of resources that includes community and special collections, topic guides to available info on popular issues, answers to top information requests, links and online catalogue.

Banff Centre - Lougheed Leadership Resources

Online resources written specificially for the leadership initiatives at Banff. They explore relevant issues such as organizational culture, wellness, strategic thinking, teamwork, change, sustainability reflection.

The Cultural Human Resources Council

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) brings together cultural workers and employers to address training, career development and other human resource issues.

HR Council for the Non-Profit Sector

The HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector (HR Council) takes action on nonprofit labour force issues. As a catalyst, the HR Council sparks awareness and action on labour force issues. As a convenor, they bring together people, information and ideas in the spirit of collaborative action. As a research instigator they are building knowledge and improving understanding of the nonprofit labour force.

Municipal Cultural Planning Inc.

Members of the Municipal Cultural Planning Incorporated (MCPI) have come together out of a shared belief in the power of culture to transform local economies and communities.  MCPI was formed as a coalition of provincial government agencies, municipalities, cultural service organizations, post-secondary institutions and others dedicated to promoting MCP across the province.