Visual Meetings: An Introduction to Visual Facilitation

Let's combat the glassy eyed, post meeting look and use visual language to help turn confusion, apathy and wasted time into inspired productivity - that adds to your passion, value and mission.

Learn how to use visual language to create simple specialized visual maps and meeting notes to help your board or team  remember, understand and internalize goals and tasks. Everyone can be on the same page by sharing in an easy to understand visual tool which can be easily referenced to go forth and do amazing work.

Some reasons to use visual langauge in your meetings:

  • Using visuals can increase group consensus by 21%.
  • Reduction in meeting time by 24%
  • 64% increase in immediate decision making
  • Increased memory retention by 42%
  • Increase the probability of taking action on then information by 89%

So what does that mean for people in the room? They feel valued and that their voice is heard. They’re inspired. They’re ready to take action. Everyone is on the same page. People have a sense of purpose and passion. 

Who's it for:

  • Team Leads
  • Supervisors
  • Activists
  • Community Developers
  • Business Leaders
  • Organizations
  • Adminstrators
  • Board directors
  • Anyone who hosts and/or facilitates meetings, workshops and sessions

What have people said about Ashton's workshops:

"Ashtons non-invasive/non-demanding teaching style allows for a relaxed and highly effective learning environment. Thank you so much, Ashton!" - Chris W.

"Ashton was warm and welcoming to all participants and really set a positive tone for the day - encouraging us to ask questions, creating a sense of community and sharing her knowledge and experiences. Ashton's experience in both facilitation and art provide her with the unique ability to read a room and capture the moments almost effortlessly." -Tara J.

"The session was amazing, almost immediately spoke to me , and then mangaged to make a personal connection to my actual life. Ashton was generous with info and interested in her audience and so great at what she does" - workshop participant


Optional Marker Set: $15 extra ($25 value)
1 BigOne Neuland
1 red Neuland
1 blue Neuland
1 grey Neuland
1 purple Neuland
Neuland markers are what most professional graphic faciltators use. They are chisel tip, eco-friendly, option to be refillable and water-based.

Skills Category: Artistic/Creative
Course Start Date: May 24, 2017
Course End Date: May 24, 2017
Format: In-Person
Venue Name: Centre for Social Innovation CSI Regent Park 585 Dundas St. E. Toronto, ON
Cost: $135
Course Provider: Ashton Rodenhiser
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