Over the years, we have had the opportunity to partner with other organizations in the creative
community and have collaborated to create a variety of information that is unique to WorkInCulture.ca. Ideal for anyone looking to dig deeper into the issues affecting the business of art and culture in Ontario.   All research is downloadable, for free, as a .pdf file (to search for a keyword on this page, or on a .pdf, simply press control/command f).

Profiles of creative entrepreneurs

We feature industry profiles of creative entrepreneurs who understand the importance of business skills in maintaining a solid career in the arts.

HR tools

The titles in this series on Human Resources were produced by WorkInCulture, some in cooperation with Cultural Human Resources Council and other organizations.

Get Mentored

WorkInCulture's Get Mentored online program and handbook was launched in 1999. Recognizing that most cultural organizations do not have a formal structure in place to provide mentoring to young and new employees, Get Mentored topics covered include: career needs assessment, mentor screening and selection, the rules of mentoring and what the expectations should be on both sides of the mentoring relationship.

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Ideal for anyone looking to dig deeper into the issues affecting the arts and culture sector.