Biz Smarts is a webinar series that provides business skills development for artists, makers, and creative entrepreneurs.

Every Thursday this past March we provided you with five webinars, delivered by five new instructors for the fourth edition of our Biz Smarts webinars series.

These webinars are ideal for everyone, including artists, makers, creative entrepreneurs looking to learn more in the areas of business planning, marketing and financial management.



Beginning a Creative Entrepreneurship
with Snjezana Pruginic-Delgado

Are you an artist or creative professional interested in turning your art into a business? This workshop will give you a reflective understanding of the creative entrepreneur mindset and tangible tools in beginning your business journey. Acting as a first stepping stone into creative business you will gain an understanding of various business elements within a creative context and will explore your "creative business brand /identity"

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Make Your Money Work for You (Managing Finances)
with Patrick Tomlinson

This webinar will cover a number of easy to learn and easy to apply concepts and methods to help you manage your money better. The first section will provide a short review of some of the fundamentals of financial management. The second section will apply these basic teachings to the lived reality of the self-employed, freelancers or solopreneurs. The final section will present an easy to make excel spreadsheet to help artists keep track of and manage their financial resources. As such, the webinar will include:

  • A review of some basic concepts of financial management
  • An overview of several best practices of financial management that apply to everyone
  • An explanation of some financial management best practices that target artists, and
  • A step-by-step method to build an easy but helpful Excel Spreadsheet to help artists manage their money.

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Building Your Brand (Marketing Strategies)
with Jason Maghanoy

Building a brand is an important part of your artistic practice and the life of your organization.

From navigating your way through the media, amplifying and positioning your "voice," and maximizing social media potential to help build your brand and fill seats, Jason Maghanoy will help guide you through the steps to develop a successful content and marketing strategy for your arts organization/creative practice in today's radically changing engagement economy.

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E-Commerce for Creatives
with Kirsty Stevenson

The digital world presents unparalleled opportunities creatives to showcase their talents, but It can be daunting with so many choices.

This webinar will teach those in the creative arts how to take advantage of this incredible marketing opportunity:

  • Online store options will be reviewed so you can choose which one is best for you
  • Learn how to drive traffic to your online store and/or promote your event
  • Choose tools and tactics to easily manage your online presence

Learn how to create a buzz online, increase sales and event registrations.

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Preparing for Your Taxes
with Ellen Schraa

The Preparing for Your Taxes webinar will explore the various sources of income for artists and creative professionals. Ellen promises an interactive hands-on session,this webinar will:

  • Show how each income source is reported to Canada Revenue Agency in a personal tax return, called a TD1.
  • Highlight the difference between tax deductions and tax credits and those available to artists and creative professionals
  • Review the specific tax deductions and tax credits available to an ‘artist’ as defined by Canada Revenue Agency, and
  • Complete a sample tax return for an artist with employment income, business income, and art grants

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