Biz Smarts is a webinar series that provides business skills development for artists, makers, and creative entrepreneurs.


Perfect Pricing 101

delivered by Leyla Razeghi

How do you set the perfect price? Some people make up a price as they go, others follow their competitors. If you don’t consider all the right factors and launch with the wrong price, you may be putting your business in jeopardy. It can be very hard to recover from underpricing or over-pricing and some businesses end up failing because of it.

What you will learn from this webinar:

  • Three key elements to consider when pricing your product or service and making sure you profit.
  • How perceived value relates to price and how to put a dollar sign to the abstract aspects of your offerings.
  • How to set a price that you can profit from; a price that your consumers are happy to pay and one that helps them understand how valuable your product or service is.

Deliverd on November 16, 2017

Building a Successful Digital Marketing Plan

delivered by Maria Pineros & Silvia Fornoni from Joint Development Collective 

This hands-on workshop, will get you started with creating a targeted digital marketing and content strategy to successfully promote your artistic work and achievements online. Together we will work to:
  • Define your communications goals and target audience
  • Understand the consumer journey for you to authentically connect with fans and supporters
  • Map your content strategy to strengthen your following online
  • Determine measures of success
Delivered on September 21, 2017


The Brand of ‘You’: Personal Branding for Artists

delivered by Maria Pineros from Joint Development Collective 

Developing a strong, and memorable brand identity, allows you as an artist to propel yourself and position your work within a competitive market. Through this workshop we will discuss the fundamental elements of personal branding:
  • Brand purpose and values
  • Brand experience
  • Market research
  • Unique selling proposition
Delivered on September 14, 2017

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