The objective of this project is to provide career-related work experience (work placements) for 15 eligible youth (see eligibility requirements below). To create the work placements, WorkInCulture will partner with 15 employers in the arts and culture sector. The employers will be from all across the province, across all disciplines and represent both profit and not for profit organizations.  

The placements will be 26 weeks long, and the intention is that the participant, if they have been successful in the placement and have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge, will continue to work with the employer after the end of the subsidized work placement. The work placements may begin any time before March 5, 2018, but must conclude by August 31, 2018.

The intent is to provide highly skilled young job seekers with appropriate employment opportunities across the sector.


The Subsidy

Participants will work a 40 hour week, at the hourly rate of no less than $15.00 plus 4% vacation pay. Participants will be put onto payroll, with tax, CPP and EI contributions. Employers may certainly pay above this rate, however the placement will be reimbursed/subsidized at the rate of $11.00/hr (up to $11,440 for the 26 weeks). Employers pay a top up to the subsidy of at least $4.00, plus 4% vacation pay, and MERCs (employer portion of CPP and EI). 


The Process

Call for Employers

WorkInCulture will put out a call to potential employers. The applications will be juried, and 15 applications will be chosen. Applications that demonstrate a commitment to providing the most beneficial work experience, with strong mentoring and the transference of skills and knowledge, will be the most successful. Organizations must also demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion, in order that the participants represent all the people of Ontario. We would like to have participation from organizations and companies across the province. 

Once an organization is chosen, a contract will be drawn up between the employer and WorkInCulture, outlining conditions and responsibilities, and the payment schedule.

Recruitment of Participants

The organization will recruit candidates for the position, and WorkInCulture will offer their assistance if requested and the use, free of charge, of the WorkInCulture job board. 

The employer shall ensure that no participant is recruited and placed to:

  • Fill a position left vacant due to a labour dispute
  • Fill a position of a worker that has been laid-off and is awaiting recall
  • Displace another employee

A representative from WorkInCulture will also meet with the candidate, prior to an offer of employment, to review the training objectives, and to ensure that the candidate is eligible. The candidate must submit a Participant Information form, which includes a Social Insurance Number, before an offer of employment is made. 

Eligibility requirements:
  • 30 years of age or under;
  • Post-secondary diploma or degree;
  • A Canadian citizen, or permanent resident or a protected person as defined by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act;
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada; and
  • Legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations.

The Placement

The work placement will continue for 26 weeks. There will be a monitoring visit by WorkInCulture (and possibly by a representative of the funder) to ensure that the new hires are gaining skills and knowledge. 

The employer will submit a monthly invoice for reimbursement (number of hours worked x $11.00). The invoice will be backed up with timesheets and payroll documentation.

The employer will submit a final report, with both a financial accounting of the funds received, and a report on the learning activities.

At the conclusion an offer of continued employment will be made.