Arts Facilities Mentoring Networking

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WorkInCulture and ArtsBuild Ontario are partnering together on an exciting mentoring initiative for managers of non-profit facilities. More details are available on our Professional Development pages.

*The deadline for applying has been extended until Friday, November 30th!

The Arts Facility Mentoring Network will give 15 established leaders who are responsible for managing, improving and developing non-profit arts facilities the unique opportunity of one-to-one learning with experienced topic experts.

Here’s how partnerships can work to the benefit of everybody. WorkInCulture will apply the experience and skills it has gained in running previous mentoring programs to the concern of ArtsBuild to strengthen facility management capacity.

The program satisfies the different but very complementary goals of the two organizations. We both want a resilient cultural sector and a skilled workforce – WorkInCulture acts on that through business skill training in professional development programs; ArtsBuild Ontario focuses on developing long-term solutions to the facility management challenges of Ontario’s cultural sector. In the new program, we’ll run a mentoring program specifically created to help improve facility management capacity in the cultural sector. WorkInCulture brings mentoring skills and its broad provincial network of contacts in the arts sector; ArtsBuild brings facility management knowledge, contacts and skills. We’ll work together on program development and evaluation. It’s a win:win solution.

In the cultural sector we’re being urged to partner all the time. In fact, probably every funding proposal includes letters of support from potential partners. And usually, that’s where it starts and ends. Over the next year, WorkInCulture wants to explore the hallmarks of partnership and see what we can do to strengthen partnership practices in our sector. We’ll report on what we find.

Susan Cohen

Program Director

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