Robert Johnston Award 2012

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And the award goes to: Cathy Smalley!

Cathy was awarded the honour last night, at WorkInCulture’s 14th Annual General Meeting, held at the Gladstone Hotel on Queen Street West.

The Robert Johnston Award was created in 2010, to celebrate the career and influence of Robert (Bob) Johnston, former long standing Executive Director of WorkInCulture (also known as Cultural Careers Council Ontario or CCCO). Bob retired in 2009, after working for decades in the cultural sector, at CCCO, at The National Ballet of Canada where he was the General Director from 1979 to 1987, and with the Government of Ontario, as Deputy Minister of Culture and Recreation. Throughout his illustrious career Bob was recognized for his attention to the importance of human resources and professional development, and applauded for his fair-mindedness and integrity.

Bob was on hand to present the award to Cathy, and he gave the audience a brief summary of Cathy’s career highlights, and demonstrated how throughout her career she has practiced what she has preached: the importance of apprenticeships, internships and mentorship.

Cathy was nominated by Sandy Houston of the George C. Metcalf Foundation, who stated in his nomination letter: “At every stage of her career whether as a manager, a consultant, a funder, or a volunteer she has been deeply engaged with advancing the thinking and practice on how best to nurture and sustain the remarkable people who make up our cultural sector.”  Cathy's experience includes leadership positions at Toronto Theatre Alliance, Theatre Ontario, PACT, Young People’s Theatre and the Metcalf Foundation, and she is now an independent arts consultant. Arts administration professionals from across Canada have credited the support and guidance of Cathy during their emerging years for the positions and careers they hold today.

The award supports WorkInCulture’s vision of a vibrant and skilled cultural workforce and is open to individuals (artists and administrators in the cultural sector) who have worked a minimum of 10 years in the sector. For more information please contact WorkInCulture.

Congratulations Cathy!

Tim Leary
No one could be more deserving of this award than Cathy. She is a colleague, a friend, and an inspiration to countless toilers in the cultural fields.
2012-11-29 9:13:42 AM

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