Happy Ever After: A Story about the WIC Job Board

Posted: 2017-02-14 10:30:01 AM by WorkInCulture editor | with 0 comments

Written by Diane Davy

I have a personal story to tell that relates to our recent call for applications to our new Growing Earned Revenue Mentorship Program (you have to love the acronym - GERM!).

When I first started at WorkInCulture back in 2009, we faced one of those financial crises that are all too common in our sector. A major grant application had been declined and we didn’t have much to fall back on. We were reliant on government support with no source of earned revenue except some cost recovery for the training courses we offered.

On the verge of panic (a bad place from which to make any important decision), I looked at what we could possible do to generate some revenue. One of our most popular assets was the Job Board which was then free. “Why not,” thought I, “start charging a modest fee for posting a job?”

Having formed the idea, I proceeded like a bull in a china shop – and made many mistakes along the way. I didn’t take the time to get proper staff and board buy-in, we did minimal research to arrive at a pricing strategy (does throwing darts constitute research?), and we launched without a marketing plan in place.

That said, it worked out in the end thanks to on-going feedback and support from you, our wonderful creative community. There were even some unexpected benefits – the job postings improved in quality and professionalism. We’ve also been able to manage continuous upgrades to the site to enhance user experience for both recruiter and job seeker alike.

How does this relate to the GERM? Well, we at WorkInCulture want others to have the chance to develop their own earned revenue project with the help of a mentorship program that can help avoid the kind of mistakes I made and improve your chances for success. 

Interested? Don’t dilly-dally, get exposed to the GERM, the deadline is Feb. 28.

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