A Route Well-Travelled: A Mentees Perspective on Mentorship

I’ve been fortunate to have had several mentors in my professional life who were integral to my career trajectory – some of them were formal arrangements....

Feb 24, 2017

Request to Participate in a Performing Arts Leadership Audit

Are you a leader of a Canadian Performing Arts Organization? I would like to hear from you! Any size, any performing arts discipline, and across Canada 

Feb 22, 2017

Happy Ever After: A Story about the WIC Job Board

When I first started at WorkInCulture back in 2009, we faced one of those financial crises that are all too common in our sector... 

Feb 14, 2017

Ontario’s Growing Hub Landscape

WorkInCulture is pleased to announce the release of our latest research report entitled: Hubs and Business Skills Training for the Culture and Creative Sector – What’s Working?...

Feb 06, 2017