Making Mentoring Work

Posted: 2013-02-11 4:57:08 PM by WorkInCulture editor | with 2 comments

WorkInCulture and ArtsBuild Ontario announced the 16 mentorees taking part in a shared initiative to improve skills and knowledge about creative spaces in Ontario’s cultural sector.  Check out the press release announcing the program on the Professional Development page of Our Programs.

All the mentorees will be paired with experienced mentors – professionals who are already leaders in facility management – who will provide insights and feedback as the mentorees work through specific business questions related to existing or planned facilities. 

Developing crucial management skills is important but busy managers often need specific knowledge at a cost they can afford for specific questions they are addressing at the moment. WorkInCulture has undertaken mentoring programs previously and recognizes the need for this type of learning in our sector, learning which is grounded in practical, real-life questions faced by the participants.  An evaluation of its most recent mentorship pilot (The Cultural Industries Leadership Mentoring Pilot, supported by the Ontario Media Development Corporation’s Entertainment and Creative Cluster) is available under Our Research in the Resources Section of our website. 

ArtsBuild Ontario recognized our experience in creating mentorship programs and the result is the new Arts Facility Mentoring Network.

What makes a good mentoring program? Here are five simple tips from WorkInCulture:

  • Shared expectations - mentors and mentorees should be clear about what is needed and what can be provided
  • Training and support – so both mentors and mentorees know the dynamics, possible pitfalls, and some simple techniques to make mentoring work
  • Monitoring – so both members of the team  feel supported as the relationship progresses
  • Recognition –  the benefits flow both  ways;  mentors and mentorees  should get something valuable from the experience
  • Celebration --- expand everyone’s networks and celebrate their accomplishments

WorkInCulture and ArtsBuild Ontario will be reporting on the experience of the Arts Facility Mentoring Network in the year to come.  Stay tuned.

Susan Cohen

Program Director

Susan Cohen
The response to this program has been excellent. Unfortunately, there is no more room for this year, but WorkInCulture has some excellent programs coming up in the spring around business planning. Register for our newsletter and get advance notice.
2013-02-22 9:51:19 AM

Patricia Gulyas
I will love to join or participate to this program. How should I apply?

Thank you for this great opportunity
2013-02-19 8:03:56 PM

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