The Voices Behind Creative Block

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Written by Audrey Dwyer

Here you are again, in front of that blank page. You want to start but you hear a voice. You pause and think for a bit. You agree. You leave your idea behind and do something else with your day. 

Creative block is something that comes up for all of us. It can make us nauseous or be quite exhilarating. No matter how it feels, we’re not achieving our goals.

The voice behind Creative Block is often called The Inner Critic. Here are five statements that the Inner Critic sometimes shares.

“You’re not good enough.”
It’s actually encouraging you to know yourself and to make sharper choices.

“Don’t start now. Start later.”
It’s trying to look out for your best interest in terms of time. Can also be suggesting you do more research or planning before digging in.

“You don’t know enough to accomplish this.”
It’s asking you to revisit your prep, to be stronger before you begin.

“I need to feel inspired.”
This voice wants a change of feeling, to possibly feel invigorated before starting the project.

This voice can sometimes be the most stressful. Your imagination may seem empty, even though you have so much going on inside.

Truth be told, you know yourself best. You know what you need. Sometimes, stepping away and asking, “What do I need?” can help you move forward.

Creative Blocks can often be boiled down to fear. Once you understand that the voices that hold you back are trying to serve you, the blocks can dissipate allowing the work to come more smoothly and more consistently. There are a host of other reasons why blocks appear. I invite you to discover the details. How do you deal with Creative Blocks?



Audrey Dwyer is a theatre artist with 20 years of experience in creation. She is teaching a six-week course in Overcoming Creative Block at Six Degrees Studio, beginning on April 30, 2017.

This course is for anyone with an idea who is having a hard time starting or for the seasoned artist who is finding discipline difficult.


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