Creative coping with the winter blahs...

Posted: 2015-02-25 4:51:29 PM by work in culture editor | with 0 comments

I suspect many of you are as sick of winter as I am. My instinct is to pull the covers up over my head and sleep until April. But that isn’t an option so what to do?

I have a wise and experienced colleague who advises emerging arts professionals that the one best thing they can do to inspire themselves and grow is to get out there and see what others in the creative community are doing. It’s fun, it’s a great way to expand your network and it can give you a broader perspective on your career opportunities.  And I think that advice goes for those of us who are more experienced too.

So here is my winter coping strategy. Start by getting out your calendar and picking out at least three days and/or evenings over the next 6 weeks (surely it will be warmer by then, eh?). Then get online and do a bit of research on things that interest you.

Many of us default to the area that we know best. Dancers go to dance performances, artists to galleries, filmmakers to films, etc. Nothing wrong with that – identify a couple of things in your field, invite a friend or two and buy those tickets or make the commitment.  Remember, there are lots of things that are free if you are on a tight budget.

Consider reserving one date to do something outside your own field. My background is visual art, books, magazines, tv and film so I am looking at some up-coming dance performances. Nothing like cross-fertilization to get you thinking in different directions.

Now that I have some events to look forward to, winter seem shorter already.