The Robert Johnston Award

Posted: 2014-08-20 3:50:49 PM by work in culture editor | with 0 comments

Do you know someone from our community who has a great track record in people management? Someone who is a champion of best practices in HR (human resources) management? Someone who everyone likes to work with or work for? An unsung hero who deserves some credit? WorkInCulture will be putting out a call, in early September, for nominations for The Third Robert Johnston Award. The award is named after Robert (aka Bob) who was the former ED of WorkInCulture, before that General Director of The National Ballet. Bob is someone who always conducted his career professionally, respectfully and who brought out the best in the people he worked with. If you know of a person working in the arts – an artist, consultant, administrator, technician, anyone involved in arts and culture, and think that it is time that he or she is recognized for their exemplary mentoring, coaching, leading, or motivating qualities, consider putting their name forward. Application details coming in September!