Apply for the Arts Facilities Mentoring Network today and change the game on BOTH sides of a professional career!

Posted: 2014-06-30 10:25:11 AM by Brad Dicks | with 0 comments

“Working for a small company, there is often no one to turn to with a long history in the industry so my mentor was able to provide valuable perspective that I might not have learned otherwise.”

This quote was taken from a participant in our former mentoring program and illustrates the benefits enjoyed by both veteran professionals and emerging arts and culture workers when they are part of a mentorship program.

This year, we have once again teamed up with ArtsBuild Ontario to deliver this industry-defining program to arts facilities focused organizations and professionals once again!


Click the image below to view more information on and apply to the 2014 Arts Facilities Mentoring Network Program from ArtsBuild Ontario and WorkInCulture!

The truth is, education really begins AFTER school and - for the savvy professional - never ends. Mentoring is an extremely valuable practice that allows new professionals to connect with veteran practitioners in their field. When the right connection is made, the potential for career advancement and enriched learning is incredibly high on both sides of the relationship.

"This mentoring experience has had a huge impact on me and my organization! I'm a better facility manager than before. I'm more likely to mentor someone myself someday."

- Sandra Bell, Arraymusic, Toronto

"I valued most the opportunity to share my years of expertise with someone who was truly interested in what I could share with then. It gave me a sense of value and reminded me of how many areas of responsibility and knowledge I truly had."

- Dianne Zemba, The Grand Theatre, Kingston

Mentors gain the satisfaction of fresh eyes and perspective, qualified and creative input and the sense of 'giving back' in a professional setting that requires only time, care and interest in doing so.

Mentorees gain priceless insight and networking opportunities, hands-on learning and professional development and (in our direct experience) an open door to boundless development opportunities that can boost their careers.

In an increasingly challenging employment environment, a mentor/mentoree relationship can mean the difference between career stagnation and professional lift-off!