WorkInCulture has curated some tips and tools related to Human Resources/People Management.

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HR TOOLS: Human Resources Management: An Overview
HR TOOLS: Human Resource Planning Tool
HR TOOLS: Best Practices in the Cultural Sector
HR TOOLS: Benefits and Retirement Plans
ELEARNING: Managing People
PROGRAM: Inclusion and Diversity

Dealing with Conflict:

HR TOOLS: Dealing with Challenge and Conflict
QUICK TIPS: Conflict Styles 
QUICK TIPS: Handling Difficult People    

Volunteers & Interns:

QUICK TIPS: Rewarding Volunteers
QUICK TIPS: Hot Docs Volunteer Resources     


HR TOOLS: Job Descriptions
HR TOOLS: Recruiting the Right People
QUICK TIPS: Top Tips Interviewing for Fit
QUICK TIPS: Telephone Pre Interview Screening Questions
QUICK TIPS: Reference Checks
QUICK TIPS: Succession Planning Mistakes 


HR TOOLS: Termination of Employment
QUICK TIPS: Exit Interviews
QUICK TIPS: Preparing for Termination
QUICK TIPS:Reasons for Termination