To help you with the development of your organization's operational processes, WorkInCulture has compiled the following webinars and elearning modules.

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Capacity Building Basics

ELEARNING: Partnership and Collaboration
Deepen your knowledge and skills of partnership and collaboration. This course guides you through the collaborative process, from self-assessment to evaluation.  
ELEARNING: Project Management
Learn the practical skills necessary to successfully lead any project. Includes a bonus module focused on project management for facilities.

VIDEO: On Time, On Budget: Project Management For Creative Business
A web series for creative entrepreneurs in any discipline who want to start or grow a businss doing what they love. Presented in partnership with Enterprise Toronto.

Capital Projects:

Learning Series – Capital Projects Success: Stories from Ottawa Arts Galary and First Ontario Performing Arts Centre
Webinar by ArtsBuild Ontario with Alexandra Badzak & Steve Solski,
Delivered February 23, 2017

Learning Series -- Capital Project Success: Stories from The Theatre Centre and Daniels Spectrum
with the Theatre Centre and Daniels Spectrum
ArtsBuild Ontario and WorkInCulture are excited to host a webinar highlighting exciting facilities projects from two leaders in our arts community. Franco Boni (Artistic Director, The Theatre Centre) and Seema Jethalal (Managing Director, Daniels Spectrum) will be sharing their insights and experiences from their respective transformative capital projects.
Delivered February 1, 2016

Contracts & Agreements:

Learning Series - Contracts & Agreements: Landlords and Tenants
Webinar by ArtsBuild Ontario with Shelina Ali
Delivered February 22, 2017

Biz Smarts Webinar --Before You Sign: Contracts and Agreements for Artist
Do you recall a time when you thought, “I wish I never signed that”? At "Before you Sign..." Three dynamic presenters will give you the confidence to make the right decisions when presented with your next contract or agreement. Learn about the standards already in place for paying artists across Canada, and how to protect yourself and your product through copyright. Join Executive Director of CARFAC Ontario- Kristian Clarke, WorkInCulture senior staff and representatives from Music & Film in Motion for this very informative webinar for all disciplines.