At WorkInCulture we CONNECT, CREATE, and CURATE training and tools that help arts and culture professionals develop the business skills to match their creative talents:
  • We CONNECT employers and job seekers through our popular online Job Board.  We also CONNECT with organizations and centres across Ontario to deliver professional development programs and business training to Ontario’s creative communities.
  • In partnership with leaders in the sector, we CREATE thought provoking research, programs and curriculum covering topics that are important to arts and culture professionals.
  • We CURATE information - research, links, tips, and resources such as courses on our Course Board and jobs on our Job Board - that is relevant to art and culture professionals.


WorkInCulture delivers a wide variety of learning programs for artists of any discipline, and for employers, managers, educators and administrators working in the creative community.

We are committed to providing learning opportunities that work with various lifestyles. By offering programs in different formats including:

Workshops - We create and deliver hands-on learning workshops in collaboration with other organizations in the creative community.

Webinars – We provide basic professional development training through our Biz Smarts and Work Smarts webinars for creative professionals and arts administrators respectively.

eLearning modules - We offer free eLearning modules with practical exercises, that can be done on your own time, and at your own pace.

Mentorship Programs - We provide opportunities for one-to-one learning with experienced professionals. Some of our past mentorship programs include the Arts Facilities Mentorship Network with ArtsBuild Ontario and the Growing Earned Revenue Mentoring Program.

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WorkInCulture also provides art and culture professionals with resources that inform and educate. From jobs, to courses, to tips and templates, WorkInCulture brings together representatives of arts disciplines and cultural industries to address the training and career development needs of artists, creators, technical staff, managers and all other such professionals, including those who are self-employed.