Our vision is an Ontario cultural sector that is globally competitive, innovative and recognized as an important contributor to the economic and social well-being of the province.


Our Mission is to support the people who work in the cultural sector through life-long career development and entrepreneurial and business skills training.


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Diane Davy, Executive Director
Kate Edwards (Chair) Charlie Wall-Andrews
Karen Ennis, General Manager
Deborah Rosser (Past-Chair) Kristian Clarke
Stephanie Draker, Program Manager
Margaret McGuffin (Vice-Chair) Ana De Melo
Mona Afshari, Marketing & Communications Manager
Barbara Angier
(Treasurer, Chair Finance/Audit Ctte)
Mark Jamison
Lisa Fiorilli, Research & Outreach Manager
Sandy Lee (Secretary) Jason Maghanoy
Yomi John, Marketing & Programming Coordinator
Amanda Hancox (Member at Large) Michael Murray
    Konrad Skorupa
    Erin Finlay


WorkInCulture (WIC) is a non-profit arts service organization that supports the professional lives of Ontario’s artists, creatives and cultural workers through life-long career development and entrepreneurial and business skills training.
This year we celebrate our 20th anniversary!
WIC implements programming that are available either in-person or online:
WorkSmarts – workshops or webinars related to organizational capacity and management;
CreativeBoost – workshops or webinars on business planning and entrepreneurship skills;
WICMentorship - connects cultural workers with professionals experienced with a specific learning objective.
We are committed to exploring sector conditions, trends, and priorities that will inform programming in the sector. With the MakingItWork research and the Creative Works Conference, we offer safe spaces for dialogue and encourage conversations that will impact change in the sector.
WIC also serves as a platform of opportunities. Our popular JobBoard continues to connect job seekers and qualified candidates to sector employers, and the DiscoveryBoard provides individuals with a range of professional development opportunities across Canada.
We also recognize and celebrate individuals who have contributed to the growth of our sector either as an emerging or accomplished cultural worker through the WorkInCulture Bob Johnston Award.  
We are here to support and encourage artists, creatives, and all cultural workers to strive for success, whatever that may mean to each individual. We believe that happy and successful cultural workers of all kinds in return create happy and successful communities. Together we can help one another to prosper and grow. We believe we can get there through collaboration, partnership, knowledge sharing, and business, entrepreneurial, organizational and technical management skills.
We partner with sector leaders, organizations, and funders to develop and deliver diversified learning opportunities for cultural workers across all arts disciplines and cultural industries, and at different levels of their careers. To learn more about partnership opportunities check out our Partner with Us page.

For updates and news about WIC and the sector please visit our FYI page and sign-up to our e-newsletter.


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